Emotions, Stress, Depression and Anxiety explained in New Book by Dr Brownlow

Dr. Steven Brownlow recently announced the imminent publication of his new book Emotions in Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Steven Brownlow, a Clinical Psychologist, who specializes in treating the emotional disorders and disruptive behavior of adolescent males since 1981, has come with his new book, titled “Emotions in Psychology and Psychotherapy”

What is the Book about?

The book essentially written for those professionals in the field of psychology & Psychotherapy, doctors and those who believe in Self help aims at changing the approach in the way emotions are viewed and counseling is performed.

The book makes use of scientific studies over the past 20 years; to share insights into how emotions work. The insights shared in the book contradict a lot of current ideas about counseling and popular conceptions about emotion.

For instance, some counselors believe that people inherently never trust their emotions; some others feel that some people always do. Emanating from that assumption, some counselors encourage their patients to ‘get the emotion out’ whenever they have painful feelings; while others (counselors) think treating emotional distress is as easy as changing a person’s thinking thus dispensing with any need to use some sounding board.

The Books talks of these approaches and what has been changed with them in the past two decades.

The book demonstrates, the correct answers are slightly more complicated, yet the underlying principles are simple.

The author thinks that anyone should be able to improve their lives and the lives of others by applying what has been written in the book. The Book is simply a guide to help people understand how moods, emotions and stress operate and how emotions are regulated most effectively.

In addition, the book intends to equip the reader with that knowledge which makes common emotional disorders like depression and anxiety make more sense; so that the person treats them as deviations common to human psyche instead of treating them as ome alien conditions. This basic understanding of “when, why and how” questions regarding depression and anxiety helps the person tackle them fairly quickly and effectively without medication. [NOTE: Even if a person relies on a Doctor for his emotional disorder; even then the correct understanding beforehand can be of great help].

Dr. Steven Brownlow’s Emotions in Psychology and Psychotherapy, is a brilliant manual or guide connecting the biological, cognitive, behavioral, theoretical and cultural elements of emotions into a comprehensive and holistic foundation. [One of the many reviewers said]. Others found the book to be one equipping the reader with new understandings of the contributions of moods, emotional regulation, stress, language, and culture.

Price and Availability: The book Emotions in Psychology and Psychotherapy is available both in printed paperback form and in Kindle and Nook formats, at a price of List price of $29.95.

About Steven G. Brownlow:

Steven G. Brownlow, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor who lives near Austin, Texas. He has been active in treating the emotional and behavioral disturbances of adolescents since 1981, but has also focused on treating difficult families and on assessing and treating neuropsychological challenges.