#EndOfNota and a movie named NOTA

Last month I wrote an article about the #EndOfNota or the removal of None of the Above (NOTA) option from EVMs in upcoming elections in India. The idea was to share as to why pressing NOTA is just a waste of time, confidence and decision making. It is better to sit at home on election day, than visiting the Polling booth and press NOTA. Good to see the “removal of NOTA”.

That said, today I’m seeing #NOTA, #VoteForNota,#NotaFromToday, #ElectionDay trending on Twitter. Although the hashtags seem to be for an #ElectionDay, #MovieAboutElections; it is interesting to see some people’s love for NOTA. For today, they have their reasons to support NOTA. The easiest reason will be to tell people to watch a great movie; and one surely must watch one. It may also be true that the people who are supporting NOTA today, are not the ones who kept encouraging people press NOTA button in previous real elections during NOTA days.

But if the #EndOfNota or #VoteForNota is considered for the real elections in India conducted by EC, then one doesn’t need to watch a movie or get into an inconclusive endless argument to know why voting for a real flesh and bone election candidate is always better than pressing NOTA. We as voter can always decide what is the correct option. For example, a person doesn’t need to get into some useless argument to know whether the job market in India is booming or struggling!