Engineers applying for Police Sub-Inspector Jobs, is a warning sign!

Of the total 1,23,937 applicants applying for for SI, RSI, Deputy Jailer, Assistant Matron in Andhra Pradesh, 31370 were

Some reports online are seeing this as some sort of brain drain (the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country) which can stopped by banning engineers from joining certain jobs.

First the news.

In the recently held examination for SI, RSI, Deputy Jailer, Assistant Matron in Andhra Pradesh approximately 39 percent of candidates had or Post graduate degrees.

The final selection list for the exam conducted for 707 posts, had 270 MCA, MBA, BTech degree holders. Separately, 213 were, 14, 18 MBA, 25 MCA.

Of the total 1,23,937 applicants, 31370 were

You need to create jobs to stop brain drain of Engineers to Government Jobs, other non-engineering jobs

Some reports are suggesting measures to stop the brain drain from the Engineering Colleges to the government jobs. One of the suggestions is to ban engineering and medical graduates from appearing in the UPSC examinations.

Irrespective of how appealing this measure might look, this is certainly not the solution to stop engineering and medical professionals from joining jobs outside their skill.

Instead more jobs must be created to absorb these engineers.

Banning engineers from taking up Government jobs or sales jobs or marketing jobs is not the solution here. The solution is to create more jobs.

Note that India creates about 15 Lakh engineers every year. If at least 70 percent of these are to be employed every year, then the economy needs to create at least that number of jobs per year. Else the unemployment among engineers will keep piling up.

If the country’s economy cannot generate that number of engineering jobs, then the Government must think about giving lesser number of engineering degrees annually.