ESET an outstanding protection for Mac Users | Testing

AV-Comparatives testing of protection says that ESET Cyber Security Pro is an outstanding protection for Mac users against Mac-specific, Windows malware.

protection for Mac UsersUsually, protection for Mac users, is seen as an exclusive domain open to a select few. But in the modern world , where threats are no less for Mac users, the protection for Mac users has become equally vital. One main reason for this is the increasing share of Apple Macs (making them a profitable target for malware, virus and phishing threat makers to target) and the increasing dependence on web browsers, which can be seen as an open window in safest of houses. And hence there are many better antiviruses out there extending the anti-virus protection for Mac users. In some recent comparative testings of the leading anti-viruses, ESET has fared outstandingly compared to offerings from other virus security makers.In the latest AV-Comparatives testing by AV-Comparatives’ Mac Security Test and Review 2014 , ESET Cyber Security Pro, the Internet security software for Mac , has been highlighted as ‘Outstanding’. Testing by AV-Comparatives was for the detection of cross-platform malware targeting a wide range of platforms.

ESET Cyber Security Pro provides outstanding protection against malware with a well-designed user interface. The main program window makes essential functions and information easily accessible and alerts are sensible. The help facilities are exemplary. ESET produced a perfect score in our malware tests, identifying all samples of both Mac and Windows malware


Mr Pankaj Jain, Director at ESET India said,

We are pleased that ESET Cyber Security Pro scored a perfect 100% in the latest AV-Comparative test. Proven technology found in all ESET’s products provides comprehensive proactive protection against all known and unknown forms of threats targeting Mac user.”

What is AV Comparatives

AV-Comparatives, is an independent not-for-profit organization which offers systematic testing to check whether IT security software lives up to its promises. It creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing by using one of the largest sample collections worldwide. The claim that Apple users are less threatened than Windows users is currently still correct, but could change rapidly. It was the low market share of Macs that limited the attentions of online criminals; now that Macs are becoming more popular, this state of affairs is changing. Something that many people forget is that phishing works equally well on any device with an integrated browser, regardless of whether this is Windows, Mac, Apple TV, Android, Symbian or Internet TV; phishing affects everyone equally.The AV-Comparatives test looked, among others, at malware and phishing alerts of Mac security software. With regards to ESET’s product it tested, it found the following:

ESET Cyber Security Pro offers users a number of improved native functionalities together with the low system footprint, delivering Mac-like feel for users. ESET’s solution not only offers protection for Mac it also eliminates Windows and Linux based threats preventing Macs becoming a platform for spreading malware. The new Anti-Phishing module ensures high level of protection as users explore the great online.