Estrogen, not Just Testosterone behind Sex drive in Men: Study

Testosterone Therapy for Men (to increase Sex Drive in Men) is a multi billion Dollar market. A New Study claims that Estrogen, not Just Testosterone is behind Sex drive in Men.


Up to now it was believed that the hormone testosterone is behind the sex drive in Men (libibo). A new research says estrogen, not just testosterone, affects body fat and sex drive in men. The study, appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine gives the first evidence that too little estrogen can cause certain “male menopause” symptoms — like hot flushes, loss of libido, gain of fat etc.

Estrogen Levels in Postmenopausal Women Gave the Cue


Testosterone Therapy is given to thousands of men every year for the loss of sex drive.  According to researchers, it’s not known for sure, what causes the loss of libido in men. The trigger to believe that Estrogen, and not just Testosterone, is behind men’s sex drive came from a study looking at the estrogen levels of postmenopausal women (whose menstruation cycle has ended, typically women in early or late fifties) and the men who lost their sex drive.

The researchers found that those men who had sex drive, had higher levels of estrogen compared to a Postmenopausal woman.

To support their observation even further, the researchers observed that those men who have lost their sex drive had lowered levels of estrogen, something which is also seen in postmenopausal women. The testosterone levels in both the said men and postmenopausal women were found to be more or less the same. This resulted in the researchers conclude that Estrogen, not Just Testosterone behind Sex drive in Men.