EV ABAC – Automatic Boom Barrier , road blocker launched

E-vision Adds Automatic Boom Barrier – EV ABAC to its Surveillance Range. Multi-featured access control device for Security along with smooth flow of traffic.

boom barrier, e-visionE-vision has recently added new product line to its portfolio with the launch of EV ABAC – Automatic Boom Barrier and road blocker. Boom barrier are the barriers which are installed for security reasons in parkings and high security buildings. The Automatic boom barriers don’t need any manual intervention to do its function. Boom Barrier Security Gates have been designed to systematically handle the entry and the exit of vehicles in private or public parking.

The automatic boom barrier identifies each vehicle that passes through it and avoids the illegal entry and exit of vehicles.Users can control the device in most convenient way with remote control for opening, closing and stopping the barrier.The boom barrier is equipped with Proximity card reader, where an employee or a visitor with the proximity card can enter or exit by just holding the card near the reader. The device is also featured with magnetic card reader for easy swiping.


Boom Barrier - EV ABACFeatures:

  • Vehicle identification system
  • Input signal – Remote control and push button
  • Access control with Proximity card
  • Auto close function variable from 5 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Operate 5000 cycles per day
  • Boom length up to 5.5 meters
  • Provides reverse operation
  • Spike road block with drive mechanism
  • Microprocessor based control panel
  • Restricts and stops forceful entries of vehicles
  • Maintenance free electro mechanical device system
  • Magnetic card reader


Vijay Shandilya, CEO at E-vision said,

Nowadays getting space in parking lot is a major problem faced by most of the cities due to less space, increase and nonalignment of parking vehicles. By considering this scenario E-vision has launched EV-ABAC – Automatic Boom Barriers which is designed with advanced technology to provide smooth and systematic parking solution to its users. Its remote control, magnetic and proximity card reader features allows the customers to use the device as per their convenience.”