Even average job performance, TAKES REAL EFFORT !

Some of you may be disappointed as to why we stopped sharing Engineering job notifications with you.

We can understand your disappointment.

Actually it was a conscious move.

We found that you, with a BTech or a BE or a Science graduate degree in India, actively looking for job, doesn’t actually need the job advertisement notifications. Particularly right now, when 6 out of every 10 of you (and even more), are not able to get a job.

What you need are valuable pieces of advice which will help you accept and retain, any job opportunity you manage to get. Such opportunities may be well below your education. They may be in industries very different from where you want to get employed. But for now, until the Engineering job market in India turns its head up to good, you need to accept mediocre employment opportunities, and make them something valuable for you. Remember, no job opportunity is unworthy of acceptance, if it teaches you something valuable in life. The teaching is not always some hard skill (your sector related skill). It may be something, many among today’s, 20 year olds don’t see as something worth learning. Such as : SOME JOB MAY NOT BE THAT SIMPLE, AS YOU ALWAYS THINK IT TO BE.

Seeing you, I find that many of you brush aside, with plain disdain (disrespect), the effort it takes to do even average work in any employment. If some job teaches you this simple wisdom, then you learn a skill, no education, no money can ever teach you. It will make you happy as well.

Sharing with you a clip from the movie “The pursuit of Happiness”. To help you understand it better, here’s snippet of what is happening in it:

The clip shows a moment, where a person, who had been job hopping though out his young life, finally lands a job interview of his choice. But seeing his history of job hopping, the employers tell him squarely on his face : He will not able to perform in the job role.

When the man persists on the reasons as to how he’s made for the role, they offer him a weird offer. They make him wage a bet (in Hindi “Shart Lagana“). If the man proves them wrong in first one month, they will retain him; else he would be shown the door. 

The clip is about the last day. The man desperately wants the job, but he’s sure he has lost the bet. But he in fact has won it. He gets the offer to join the the Company in the same job role. Not only the bet, he also wins over a wrong attitude, which made him brush aside with plain disdain (disrespect), the effort it takes to do even average work in any employment. For him, that proved to be a pursuit of Happiness!

To conclude, the terms such as Gen X, Gen Ys and Millenials are purely for statistical purposes.

Learning is quite a different game. Here everyone can learn from each other. This present generation can learn from the previous one, and vice-versa.

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