No one Saw the Gossipy Woman in Modi’s Rally

Modi’s ‘Dehati Aurat’ narration, received so much claps and roars; that No one Saw the Gossipy Woman in Modi’s Rally.


Aware of Dehati Aurat controversy?

Well, BJP’s PM Candidate Narendra Modi in his Lal Qila Rally yesterday, narrated an incident where the now PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, in an informal chat with some Indian and Pakistani journalists compared Indian PM Manmohan Singh to a ‘Dehati Aurat’ (Village Woman), one who takes every matter to the village headmen (read USA).

No one Saw the Gossipy Woman in Modi's RallyThe incident was first published by Geo TV anchor Hamid Mir, in his newspaper, The Dawn. Since the chat was Off-the-record, no other media publications covered it.

Modi was visibly upset by the incident. That’s why after sharing the incident with his die hard fans, who came from every part of India, he threw a question at the entire Nation: How could the Pakistan PM call the Indian PM a Dehati Aurat?

The pain in Modi’s voice and a sense of sympathy was felt by a Modi fan even in the last row. Some of these even saw real tears in Modi’s eyes, a fact even confirmed by our reporter present in the Rally.

But interestingly, unlike the reporters from other media houses; our reporter was not there to cover only the Modi’s Speech. He was there to hear one gossipy woman (in Hindi ‘Idhar Udhar Karne Wali Aurat’) who a very reliable source had prior informed, will be hell of an entertainment.

To our luck, our reporter managed to hear the Gossip talk, false empathy and misogyny of this Gossipy Woman. She remained present all through the grand rally.

Quite elated by the fulfillment of the primary purpose of his visit, our reporter tried to make the visit memorable.

When the rally was over, he stood at the exit and started asking every Modi fan, whether they saw and heard the Gossipy Woman. Unfortunately though, he couldn’t find a single person who saw or heard the Gossipy Woman. Never mind, he brought enough masala in the form of Dehati Aurat.