Evidence and Obedient Son together | Modi Rhyming one liners

Modi uses Saboot (Evidence) and Sapoot (Good son) together. Why? As they rhyme well.

It may not be visible to the present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi but his rhyming one liners are fast losing their appeal.

For instance, in an election rally yesterday, one of them was — Aapko Saboot Chahiye ya Sapoot?  (English equivalent: Do you want evidence or an obedient good son of soil?).

rhyming one liners, modi one liners, modi saboot sapoot, modi sabut saputIf one looks at the above three or four word utterance, then it doesn’t mean much. Apart from one simple fact that they rhyme well together.

Why will anyone make a comparison between an “evidence” and “a good son”?


They cannot be compared. It is comparing apples and oranges.

In addition,

an “evidence” and “a good son”

cannot be used in the same context; and interchangeably.

The places where evidence is sought are very different from the paces where the term obedient son is used.

But still, the present prime minister of India has a habit of using such three or four word rhyming constructions to an extent that they become repetitive; and meaningless. No surprise, they are losing their appeal.