Ex Spice Girl Mel B on How to Keep Eating disorders at Bay: Speaks theUltimate Truth

“Weight Loss or weight gain should not be undertaken by what others feel about you or what you think others feel about you. Before gaining and shedding extra pounds; take into consideration what you feel about yourself” — Mel B

The ex Spice Girl, Totally Fit Mel B, with a gorgeous body at 35, has either knowingly or unknowingly said an ultimate truth. her is what she said in an interview:

I love the fact I’m curvy. I have big boobs, a big butt and I go in at the waist. I think that’s how a woman should be. Working out shouldn’t be about aiming to be thin, you should just want to be the best version of your body type. Some women have wide hips, some have broad shoulders… It’s all fine, just work with what you have. If you try too hard to be something you’re not, people get eating disorders and it all goes to sh*t.

What is the Ultimate Truth: Love your Body or in more apt words Love Yourself. Somewhere in this blog, we discussed, why it’s not necessary to have a thin look when you yourself know, a slightly fuller look with a mischievous smile complemented by a twinkle in the eye is what makes you. And you are healthy too. In the same way you happened to be athletic all these years and you were quite happy (healthy) with you all that time. Now someone said you are too strong built or too slim to be healthy or to look good; and you suddenly want to change everything with the way how you look.

Conclusion: Health is not only physical, it is in the brain too. If a person feels good, is energetic, sleeps well, has a radiating skin, bright eyes, finds normal healthy food tasty, is optimistic most of the times; then the person is healthy. In simple words, if you feel yourself to be happy and doctor complements your belief by his expertise. Then there’s no reason you harbor any doubt about your body and about yourself. Keep loving the way you are. That is the ultimate Truth.