Exam Warriors Book Review | A Narendra Modi Book

Book Review Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi | The book stands below average. It becomes interesting if you see it as a book about PM Narendra Modi’s Life Philosophy.

With some initial reluctance, I finally decided to read “Exam Warriors” a book by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The primary reason for the reluctance has to do more with the author, than with the book. As a citizen of India or even as a person, I don’t expect the PM of any country write a book about exams. That too a self-help book which by its title and book cover seems to be equipping school children with tips on how to tackle conventional school exams. My problem is not with Self help books. I read them quite often. My problem is with the author : A Prime Minister is expected to have more important Governance issues to solve and decisions to make. A self-help book on exam tips can be written by others. May be a teacher.

How to face school exams self-help book by PM Narendra Modi


I will not say that the 210 pages long book is bad. But it is below average.

modi written book, exam book modi, book reviewFirstly, the title of the book seems a mismatch. As a reader it becomes difficult to tell whether the book is some general self-help book or one which specifically intends to equip the reader with tips on how to tackle conventional school exams. It would have been good if the book was titled and promoted as PM Narendra Modi’s Philosophy for Life. If the reader reads it from that perspective (Modiji’s life philosophy), then the book suddenly becomes interesting.

Secondly, if one looks at the book from a child’s perspective, then it will be difficult for him/her to understand the book. In fact, many adults can have the same experience with the book. The book transgresses the thin line between philosophy and actionable learning so many times that many chapters seem to be standing in contradiction to each other. This is not good. Children learn by repeated instruction. In simple, this means that the best way to teach a child about exams, competitiveness, necessity of being good etc. is by guiding them every time they face such situations. It is difficult for a child to learn from a self-help book. This explains why parents, teachers and guardians become so important.

Here it will be useful for parents to know about another recent book on a similar topic, “How get Good marks“. This Ashwin Sanghi book suffers from the same drawback. It cannot be recommended to any child. Instead, the elders or parents can read the book and share only those tips with the child, which they (elders) find safe, useful and hence actionable.


The book can be a good read for adults who want to know about PM Narendra Modi’s life philosophy.

The book cannot be recommended for children. On that count it fares below average. Although, the parents or guardian(s) can read the book and decide what to impart to kid and what not.

Overall, the book’s title and cover mismatch the content inside.