Exercising while angry bad for Heart attacks prone | Study

A new study by the American Heart Association. Pittsburgh suggests a link between working out when you’re angry and having a heart attack.

According to the study, about half of the 1200 first-time heart attack patients taking part in the study, were angry and working out just before having their first heart attack.

Study doesn’t link exercising while angry to Heart attack in People with NO Heart ailment issues

The researchers made it clear that there is no evidence that working out angry can cause a heart attack. It only says that since exercising or working out increases your heart rate, resulting in the increase in blood pressure, they put more stress on the heart. Since getting angry has similar symptoms as exercising, hence it increases the risk for those who are prone to heart attack.

To summarize

Since most people are not aware of their heart health, hence it may not be that good to exercise while angry or while one’s upset. There’s another reason, though not from the study. It’s good to exercise or work out when you can focus. Since anger or being upset distracts our senses hence not being fully focused increases the chances of sports related injuries as well. It’s better to take time for the anger to subside, before hitting the tread Mill or before pumping iron.