Explaining Hookup culture to College students | Book

A New Book by MSU Assistant Professor aims at clearing the confusions regarding Hook-up culture in Colleges.

It will be wrong to say that the College Hook-up culture doesn’t exist in India (a hookup culture is one that accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters such as one night stands etc.). It exists, but often not talked about, as it’s in the West. That apart, young men and women are more open about it in the elite Higher Education Institutions, compared to the nondescript ones. As Chetan Bhagat, an IITian and an IIM Alumni says : everyone in the IIM campus knows, who the other person is hooked up with, but they never mention it or take it as a surprise.

This time of the year, college students in USA return to campus post-holiday break. There’s somewhat less burden of studies as well. That’s why a Michigan State University professor has released an e-book she hopes will demystify the myths about the “hookup culture” that often accompanies the college social scene. The Book by Stephanie Amanda, assistant professor of writing, rhetoric and American cultures MSU, titled Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter with Choice while being distributed in her college for free, is available for a price at amazon (Click on the above link).

What the Book on Hook Up Culture in US Universities Talks about

    • Fear, feelings and hopes of students about the Life ahead. The ultimate objective of students is always a happy and full life.
    • How Students perceive their sexuality.
    • What exactly means hook up in College Life. The author and Professor has seen much confusion among College students regarding hook-up, That’s, College Students often ask : Does hook-up is journey from kissing to sex, with no intention of seeing that person again.And can Hookup culture lead to sexual assault?
    • What constitutes sexual assault? Can everything be tagged as regretted sex.
    • The book includes a chapter on sexual assault.
    • What’s the best way to deal with a situation emanating from some hook-up, which a college student can’t talk about. What are the possible ways to cope up with the trauma. It’s possible to be happy again.
    • With an exponential surge in online social networking, where hook-ups have become much easier, the author also talks of the changed dynamics of hook-up; and how women can exercise a choice, and feel good about their decisions.

Amanda has used her own research as teacher, and her her own college days, to write the book. In her words:

“The answer lies in taking a good, hard look at how we educate our young people about issues surrounding sex and consent,”

“Teaching our students how to make choices from a place of personal strength is what will lead to the inner conviction necessary for a young person to make a good choice and not give in to peer pressure or bullying.”