Eyelid Surgery Effective in Curing Migraine

Dr. Oren Tessler, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at Louisiana State University, has come up with a specific surgical migraine treatment technique, which is very effective in curing migraine. The success rate is as high as 90 percent of those operated upon. Although the researchers are quick to underline that the success rate requires prior method to screen and select patients for the specific surgery.

In this method, nerves in the eyelid that trigger migraines are decompressed. More than 90% of the patients who underwent this surgery to decompress the nerves experienced relief. 5 percent of the migraine patients operated upon reported a complete cure of their migraine.

The study, which studies the benefit of surgical treatment for migraines, will be published in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The eyelid surgical procedure is a cosmetic procedure.