In Facebook Age, Misinformation snowballs

In the age of Facebook Likes & shares, not only useful information, but Misinformation snowballs as well.

Although there are countless examples to prove this, let I give you one example, which I stumbled upon today.

A Facebook friend shared a Newspaper Article picture, which had the Headline (the newspaper article headline) – “Modi surpasses Obama in Google Search, with 78 Crore Followers”

Narendra Modi BJPThe Article informed the readers that, yesterday 78 crore people searched for Modi on Google Search. In addition, the article also informed that Narendra Modi has reached +22,00,000 (22 Lakh) followers on Twitter. Rest of the two column article was simply word jugglery.

Now, 78 crore Google searches on Google Search, doesn’t mean 78 Crore Followers (In Hindi, ‘Anuyayi’). This simply means the number of searches entered in Google Search. If Modi had 78 crore followers out of 130 crore people in India, then no one can stop him from becoming the PM. For logical and obvious reasons, we know this can’t be true. As the number of internet using Indians doesn’t stand anywhere close to this 78 crore count. If for an iota of chance, Modi somehow gets 78 crore followers anywhere on internet, then people from Latvia, Serbia and Timbuktu, may be among his fans. If Modi, after all the tall claims managed to get 22 Lakh followers on Twitter, followed  closely by Congress’s Shashi Tharoor with 18 lakh followers, then even a Crore Followers anywhere on Web is a big dream. Not only for Modi, but also for Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor, Congress MP

Shashi Tharoor, Congress MP

The above post has already received a couple likes and hailing comments, and it will be no wonder Modi fans make it viral on the Web. But to me, this post is similar to countless posts on Facebook, which are nothing but sheer propaganda. What if this propaganda uses a Lie or misinformation to viral itself.

To conclude, Facebook is full of stupid posts, such as This one:

“Who Do you love more, your Mother or Your Wife/Girlfriend? If you like your mother more than your Wife/Girlfriend do like and share”.

Well, What kind of person will compare the two (Motherly Love and Wifey Love)!