Facebook offers to Indians free mobile internet through RCom

The free mobile internet must be seen as a result of fast growth in smartphones and mobile social network adoption in India.

One thing I admire about Facebook. The company may be struggling to justify its valuation of 100 billion dollar company, by not making much yearly revenue; but it’s quick at implementing new things. In recent times many giants connected with web business, are claiming that mobile is the next revenue generator. Facebook seems to be doing real things to bring that activity on mobiles. I see its purchase of WhatsApp under the same light. The logic is simple. If user engagement is on mobile, then why not increase one’s efforts there.

India is third largest market for Facebook after the USA and Canada, wrt the number of subscribers. The Social giant claims 112 million or 11.2 crore monthly active subscribers, which is one among the fastest growing nations for Facebook. Add to this the quickly growing Whatsapp users in India and high penetration of smartphones in India , and you get a market, which is just right for Facebook’s mobile plans. A smartphone user has high likelihood of becoming an internet user. Facebook is a young company, and believes in the philosophy, you focus on your task and money will automatically come.

Facebook has added another effort to making its mobile commerce plans a success. Facebook is all set to launch internetDOTorg in India. This is an initiative to provide mobile internet access to those who don’t have it in India. The partner here is Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications, India’s fourth largest mobile operator.

Data Services is an area the mobile operators in India are keen to make their mark. They see it as a key revenue area. If not now, then surely in future. About 60 million subscribers of RCom don’t use data services. By partnering with Facebook, to offer limited data services though the mobile internet through the free of charge, the RCom hopes to convert free users into those who pay. It’s not some unrealistic hope, as internet is addictive. You can find even housewives in fringe cities, towns and villages topping up mobile internet, to use WhatsApp.

About Facebook internetDOTorg

It’s a partnership between Facebook and six mobile and
technology companies, namely, Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, MediaTek, Qualcomm and
Opera Software, launched in August 2013.

The concept is aimed at extending mobile use in developing and undeveloped countries across World.

Here in India, Facebook-RCom will launch of internetDOTorg mobile application, which will provide basic mobile internet services in categories such as health, education, communication, jobs and local information free of cost.