Beware of Fake Gaming Applications during World Cup 2014 !

This Football Season, eScan warns you of Fake Gaming Applications . Fake Gaming Apps trying to benefit from the FIFA World Cup 2014.

With FIFA World Cup Football already reaching the knockout stage; the World is simply crazy about football. So are the scammers. They are seeing FIFA World Cup as their chance to to achieve some of their malicious goals. eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution providers, warns the football fanatics about the fake Gaming applications which are flooding in Google Play store. The play store provides an open platform to all gaming applications, be it legitimate or malicious. Google is no doubt making progress in terms of security aspects, but cybercriminals are moving even faster.

Some notable fake gaming Applications on Google Play

It was recently found that one of the apps called ‘Corner Kick World Cup 2014’ developed by ‘VinoSports’, which is less than 1 MB in size, shows a series of advertisements and provides no game to play. It displays nothing but just a white screen. After research, eScan found that all apps developed by this developer offered on Google Play were all the same. Similarly, there are many other mobile gaming apps that request for access to the data that has nothing to do with the app’s functioning. However, this data then helps the hackers to steal the victim’s banking credentials, contacts, location, contents in storage device, etc. They can also change user’s security configuration and start any activity without victim’s permission.

Google wants to nail such Fake Gaming Applications

As there are many fake apps available in the Play Store, Google has started their ‘Bouncer’ service to help police the Google Play Store, and this has ultimately cut down the number of fake/malicious apps, but this does not mean that all of the fake apps will get vanished.

eScan suggests few tips to Android users that will help them to stay safe and enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest:

  • Ensure that your Android device is protected with a reliable antivirus software that secures it against evolving internet threats.
  • Protect your phone with Passwords.
  • Before installing any gaming app or live streaming app during tournament time, conduct a background check on various forums via search engines to understand the problems faced by the users of that app and then act judiciously.
  • Do through research about the reputability of the company that is selling the app.
  • Always check the details of the web site developer to ensure they have a legitimate mobile gaming app available.
  • Do not install mobile apps before understanding the ‘Access Rights’ required by it.
  • Finally, only install applications (apps) from trusted sources. Never download apps from unauthorized or illegitimate apps stores.


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