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Fall in Love in Your 40s? New Book shares an Interesting Story

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A Research says that people are most happy and confident in their 40s. And the reasons for this is a new Found acceptance for self, others and Life. So does that mean, a person in his 40s can find True Love?

Romance Novel Author, Vivian Kline’s new book “Love in the ‘40’s When Mail Came Twice a Day”, chronicles an intimate glimpse into the lives of two people living 80 miles apart who kept their love for each other going through letter writing.

About the Book:

Love in the ’40s When mail came twice a day
by: Vivian Kline
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, published: 2012-10-05
sales rank: 1069948

Did you write love letters when you were young? Did you get some? Save them? Viv and Danny did. She was a 19 year old Vassar College sophomore while he was a 26 year old PhD student at Columbia in New York City. 80 miles apart, when phone calls cost 25 times a 3 cent stamp, they wrote and wrote. Finding the letters in a cardboard box, 67 years later, they have become this book when the reader is transported to the war years in America and the intimate story of these young lovers.

Love in the ’40’s When Mail Came Twice a Day

Quote startAt that time, when they were 80 miles apart, phone calls cost 25 times more than a 3 cent stamp, they just wrote and wrote.Quote end

The launch of this new romance novel, written by Vivian Kline, provides an intimate look into their love story and tells the tale of living during the war years in the ‘40s. “Not many people saved both sides of a correspondence, back before e-mails, Facebook and Twitter,” says author, Vivian Kline.

Vivian was nineteen years old at Vasser College, and Danny was a twenty six year old PhD student at Columbia in New York City. At that time, when they were 80 miles apart, phone calls cost 25 times more than a 3 cent stamp, so they just wrote and wrote.

Sixty eight years later, Vivian found those letters in a cardboard box and wants to share the story of the love between her and her late husband with her readers. The book not only tells a love story, but also gives a firsthand perspective of what it was like to live in the war years in America.

The book is Vivian’s third published novel, and is currently available on Kindle and Amazon, Joseph Beth Booksellers, and The Bookshelf. The reviews are all raving about Vivian’s love story.

One reviewer writes: “Charming, charming, charming, and a few “juicy” anecdotes to boot. I kept turning the pages, wondering what the young people in love would be writing next …”

About Vivian: 

Vivian B. Kline, author of three books, is also a mother of three and grandmother of six. She moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she has become a professional artist-craftsman and organizer. Described once as a “self-starter,” she has enjoyed the variety of her interests and hopes to continue beyond her eighty-seven years. For more information about Vivian, please visit http://www.viviankline.com.

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