No Surprise, if Farmer’s Suicide termed as Accident

There should be no surprise, if Farmer’s Suicide in AAP’s rally is termed an Accident. In all likelihood, it will turn out be one.

Farmer Gajendra Singh’s suicide in AAP’s farmer rally against the Centre’s land acquisition ordinance, though unfortunate and  earth shattering for his family and friends, may not result in any convictions, even when there’s a clear case of mischief.

The reasons for this are two:

1) Not everyone who takes part in such rallies kills himself.

2) Unless there are internal motivations in an individual, such incidents don’t take place.

The probe into the farmer’s suicide is simply trying to defuse the family and public anger.

In all probability, the police probe will term the incident as an accident or a suicide, which had no external motivations or instigations.

Although you can’t nail a mob for any of its act; still one thing can be said for sure, you will find very few people who agree to play to the mob. And such people have many motivations inside them.

On April 22, Gajendra Singh, the farmer from Rajasthan committed suicide at the rally in full public view in the presence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at Jantar Mantar Delhi. The rivals started blaming Kejriwal for setting up the drama.

Let I tell you, it seems remote that Arvind Kejriwal, will set up such a distraction while he was on the podium. If rallies and events are all about grabbing eyeballs for the leader, then why will any one with even average intelligence, set up a distraction on tree top.

But one thing is possible. The distraction could had been engineered by the rivals. If you look closely, the distraction is not very different from what many Modi supporters did during the election rallies of the rivals a year ago. What will you make of the event where Mr. Narendra Modi shared dais with ex Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. In the said rally, a group among the audience shouted slogans against Huda. Those with some experience of such events know that it’s not a common practice. But wherever such incidents happen, they happen as a sabotage tactic. A tactic to flop the event.