Faulty mobile batteries, Finite resources and Infinite Promises!

More than a decade ago, Nokia mobile phones having batteries from a certain batch (as what media told us) started exploding in India. The company, at that time under different masters, took no time to transform its India office into a war-room. The idea was to control the situation. Within hours of the media reports, the Sales Head Nokia appeared on various TV news channels and; promised that all the batteries from that batch would be recalled and duly replaced.

How many batteries were to be replaced? — 3 Lakh! (Although on TV news channels, the executive issued a product advisory for replacement of all faulty batteries, which at that time were being reported to be around 4.6 crore globally).

Did Nokia replace all the batteries?

Most probably NO.

But why did it promise then?

Because making a promise was the easiest thing to do and; it helped the company momentarily. For Nokia, world’s biggest mobile phone maker at that time, entire faulty battery batch recall would mean two things — Go Bankrupt and; pick up the backpack and head to the forests.

But the good which emerged out of the situation was — People were not emotional about Nokia. They understood how the person with a faulty battery might be feeling within his/her situation. So they didn’t blame those who complained about their faulty batteries. They understood that while the desire (and the ability) to make all sort of promises is infinite; what matters is the real action. So why get emotional about Nokia!