Why fear Rhetoric in Politics … in Lok Sabha Elections 2014 !

EVM VoteThere are tangible reasons why Indian citizens must fear rhetoric in Politics … and in Lok Sabha Polls 2014.

As Rhetoric or plain words without any substance divert our attention from real issues; and make we voters forget our real interests. With most of us already on our way to voting booth; without wasting any time lets see the reasons why plain rhetoric in politics harms us :

1) Rhetoric or plain hollow words diverts our attention from Real Statistics :

When a particular political party uses TV , Corporate and top notch Public Relations company to project Gujarat as the model state, when the fact of the matter is, Gujarat performs worst in key human development indicators and inclusive growth, then we as a voter assume that Gujarat is heaven. A closer look may change such indoctrinated perception.

2) Rhetoric diminishes the real work of others :


What is Brilliant branding ? Brilliant branding , brands a party or a person as the God send panacea (in Hindi Har Marz ki Dava) of all ills and solution to all our problems. More importantly, it diminishes the Good work of others. Looking Forward is Good, but to take informed decisions, we as a voter must also know the real work of an incumbent (sitting representative). If all we can think of is emotion, wave ; then we are putting ourselves for deception.

Let I give you a few examples ,

In Sugarcane belt of Western UP and North India ; some political parties have always stood for the benefit of the sugarcane farmers. If all of a sudden , a plain rhetoric hijacks the politics, exhorting the same farmers to vote on the name of Hindu solidarity and Hindu Asmita; then this is not in favour of these farmers.

Another example,

It’s great to love one’s country. It’s great to have patriotism. But it’s not good if all real issues go down the drain on the name of patriotism and slogans like, Bharat Mata Ki Jai , Jai Jawan and Bharat ki Raksha. Why? As whenever such slogans are raised; we give the politicians the opportunity to play with our emotions and convert our Nations towards a Military State. A Military State is a state where political class rules the country in collusion (in Hindi ‘Mili Bhagat’) with the Military. A situation brilliantly portrayed in the movie Gladiator, where in order to divert the attention of the citizens from real issues, an unworthy usurper of king’s throne, declares Games for 150 days. In such a state political party uses military to come to power and gives military perks and benefits. The more we incline towards rhetorical slogans like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai , Jai Jawan and Bharat ki Raksha’ , the more we tilt the sharing of resources towards Armed forces and political classes. Not saying, perks for Army is bad, but real perks must come to youth, middle class, poor and everyone else. Pick up the stats regarding jobs, exams, admissions in the past years; you will clearly see why rhetoric harms ; especially the youth.

3) Rhetoric makes the Youth a Follower; when he must become a Leader :

It’ll be wrong to say that every youth must be a Leader. This is wrong, as this can’t happen in real world. Majority of young men and women will have to become follower. But following someone blindly is not good. The biggest trait of a youth is his/her ability to question rhetoric. And back one’s decision on real facts and real appraisals (what a person, claiming to be the epitome of development has achieved in real terms and what others have done in the past).

4) Rhetoric trivializes Important issues :

The moment the speeches and slogans of a political person and party start receiving hoots, shouts, slogans , Whistles and show plain disdain for the rivals, understand that his/her rhetoric is trivialising important issues (in Hindi : mahattvapoorna vishayon ko naganya bana rahi hai). Remember that sincere speak and issues that matter are always boring, as the listener has to focus on them. Hence, a sincere speak and important issue will NEVER get shouts, hoots and whistles.

5) Rhetoric in politics brings even unworthy persons :

There were real reasons why Indian Constitution makers made India a parliamentary democracy. A parliamentary democracy , where we elect our representatives for Lok Sabha and these elected representatives elect the country’s PM, ensures that only a worthy guy reaches the parliament. This is much better situation than Unworthy persons going to parliament on the name of a single person announced as Prime Ministerial candidate. We often criticise Caste system in India, but when seen from the representative democracy point of view , then we find that the biggest reason for the development of India as a nation and the people as its constituents was caste system. Since people were historically grouped into castes, natural leaders from these castes arose and pushed the issues of their castes.

6) Rhetoric focuses on Winning the Argument

The moment someone describes the reply of his/her leader as a slap to the rival leader, instantly know that the objective of the argument is winning the argument. Respecting the rival is important is any discourse . Also important is listening to the rival attentively, and not always try to win the argument. Remember, one the most irritating people in our lives are those who want to win every argument.

The Lok Sabha Elections 2014 are already on and every political party wanted to nail the 18-24 year olds , who are voting for the first time or second time. The principal reason for this focus was a belief that these are floating votes (undecided voters) and are least probing (in Hindi ‘sabse kam sawaal poochhte hain’) , who if caught now; will remain with the political party for ever. The biggest win of young men and women of this country is to prove them wrong.

Since The Dehradun Post is specifically for youth; hence vote on facts. And Do Vote! Whoever you think is best candidate as per your estimation.