“Feku” Tag cleverly put on Ved Pratap Vaidik!

During Lok Sabha Elections 2014, two tags or alices became particularly popular on Twitter and Facebook. One of these was Feku. The other was Pappu. While the Pappu followers are doing nothing to get rid of the tag, the Feku followers, particularly in the Media (reverent and paid), are trying their best to remove Feku tag off the real Feku.

How they are doing that?

Simple, by discovering another Feku and putting a more grand tag to that person.

The day Ved Pratap Vaidik boasted about his meeting with India’s Most Wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan, and how he (Vaidik) presented PM Narendra Modi as a good man, the section of the media decided who their “Feku” will be. And in coming days, they ran one hour programmes on Ved Pratap Vaidik, with titles such as : “Feku No. 1”.

PR people (who call this substitution) will be happy now. After All Feku is always a lesser boaster than “Feku No. 1”.