Filmmaker A.S. Geetha Krishna launches Short-term film Courses

For some time now, Short Films are the focus of my fascination. They are short , sometimes pithy, sometimes interesting. They are a treat to watch. But they are not inexpensive. Particularly when we see them as usually shot with a smartphone camera or some modest digital camera. The good short film, which are usually of 4 to 15 minutes duration, do take 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh rupees to make. They are often seen as inexpensive route to world class creativity, as compared to Feature length films, they cost pennies. That said, an increasing number of Young men and Women are fascinated by shot films. But most of them don’t have the expertise to create one.

The Geetha Krishna International Film School and Fashion Technology, has announced Short term Film and Fashion courses , which will begin by mid-September in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad, offering short-term courses to youth in film and fashion technology. The Film and fashion courses are aimed at spotting and nurturing talent in these disciplines.

Speaking on the launch, filmmaker A.S. Geetha Krishna, siad,

“Be it advertising, fashion, glamour or modelling, they have a tendency to converge in films, so this endeavour of mine in offering a single platform,”

when asked how the idea of such short term film and fashion courses came to his mind, the filmmaker said,

“Initially, I wanted to start the first batch with just about a dozen students, but I found 25 of them registering for the initiation workshops,”

The details of the Film and Fashion Techology courses can be have at he said, Gk film school .

If are also fascinated by the creative mediums like short films and films, then you can give the course a thought. After all a film is much more than a good script, and there are many aspects to filmmaking such as camera work, editing, cinamatography etc.

But kindly do your proper research into the content and quality of the course, before joining it.