Finally Minority Status to Jains… This Minority Appeasement May Hurt

The Jain Community in India accounts for 0.48 percent of Indian population. In number terms, there are 60 Lakh Jains in India. If Jains are considered a separate religious group, then they deserve the right to be called a minority. The UPA Government has awarded Jains the minority status. Minority appeasement right? May be, but a dozen other states, including the BJP governed Madhya Pradesh have already given Jains the minority status. The UPA is only extending it to the entire country.

Mind you, till now the minority appeasement has actually not affected the Unreserved category. The reasons being, the minorities in different parts of India are not educationally, socially and economically forward to take advantage of the minority status. The inclusion of Jains among the Minorities will now change this once and for all. Jains are at the top, both educationally and economically. That apart, they are present in almost every state in India. And in each of these states, they are in minority. This means that if minority status affects the unreserved in any way, to the extent that, it can be called appeasement, then now we will witness the consequences of it.

It’s surprising, How much BJP misinformed the nation on the issue of minority appeasement. When the fact of the matter is: Muslims in this country as of now are not empowered enough to take advantage of the minority status.