FIR : An example of Creating Writing

With the world already into the Valentine Day Week, a news report published in newspaper today, made me think…

The news report is about an IIT Delhi student arrested for blackmailing IIT Kanpur girl.

To summarize, the article says this:

Surendra Bhukhiya, a third year student of textile engineering at IIT-Delhi, was arrested from IIT Delhi campus for attempting to kidnap an IIT Kanpur girl and pressurising her to marry him. The police took Bhukiya to Kanpur for further interrogation.

According to the Police, the girl, a first year BTech student, had registered an FIR against Bhukhiya in Kalyanpur police station on November 26, stating that the boy was threatening to misuse her pictures if she refused to marry him. Regarding how the boy landed on the pictures, the girl mentioned in her FIR, that she had lost her mobile phone and purse in November, which was found by Bhukhiya, who hails from Warangal in Andhra Pradesh. Finding that he can misuse the pictures, the accused asked her to meet him to return the phone and on this pretext, abducted her. To ensure that the girl don’t leave him, he took her to a temple and attempted to force her to marry him, but she managed to escape.

Following the incident, Bhukhiya threatened to misuse her photographs obtained from her phone, and sent her vulgar messages over email, facebook and phone.

The news report made me think… As it appears to be a case of anything but threat and abduction. Why else, would a guy studying in country’s elite institution, with sure career, criminally go for a girl, whom he knows via photographs. The nature of photographs may make him exploit the girl: but why would he wish to marry her?

If this guy, indeed shoots a marriage proposal at girls, based on how they look in photographs; then actresses of this country and outside, who often appear on calenders and magazines, are not safe!

The news report made me think… As it also throws ample light on how FIRs are created, on which arrests are made!