Flag, Nationalism and meaning of a University

What is a University,

It’s a Universe of knowledge under one roof. The knowledge doesn’t mean that contained in books. It’s all the knowledge which comes in the form of viewpoints, ideologies and dissent (this is an exchange of views and contradicting and criticizing them).

What is the roof?

The endless sky.

A closed University is just like a closed mind, is like standstill water, it becomes inferior with each passing day.

Since any flag is related to a fixed thought, hence bringing flag to any University means bringing the pursuit of knowledge under the sovereign, definite ideology or way of thinking. The moment one comes under a flag, mental faculties instantly become one directional or limited. Take for stance, see how the supporters of a political party or any entity start behaving the moment they come under their party flag.

It’s not that the pursuit of knowledge is only for the humanities students. A person studying technology may also sometimes find himself/herself entangled in those debates which are not technology. Take for instance, the question net neutrality. You as a technology student may oppose internet neutrality for reasons purely on-technical. That’s you don’t want the preferential treatment being given to a Company, at the cost of ordinary citizens. Here your view may be in opposition to the Government policy, but still you can’t be called obstructionist. It’s alright that you don’t want forty percent of all mobile internet users access web only through Facebook’s home page (Facebook becoming the entry point for the web). You do want to have the freedom to access the web (internet) from any website you want.

Coming to the emotion of loving one’s country, it’s an emotion much different from religion. Unlike region, love and respect for one’s country doesn’t need outside manifestations. A critical mind doesn’t mean less patriotism.