Focus on Physical fitness and not Weight loss: New Study

If you are regular to this blog; then you already know that, the focus of this blog is on health rather than weight loss. Hence it has been suggested here many a times that

the aim of any person on the path of weight loss should not be the number of pounds or kilograms lost; but the focus should be on: Whether I’ve become healthier than the previous Day.

In simple, a person should make his/her health her goal in life. Weight loss is always secondary. If transitioning to a healthier body requires losing weight, then why not; but the the focus should always be on the Health.

We are happy that a new study, published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, has supported the blog’s philosophy: Being physically fit is more important than losing weight, when it comes to reducing death risks (or living a long fulfilling Life).

How the study is conducted:

In a study of 14,345 adult men, mostly white and middle or upper class, researchers found that maintaining or improving fitness was associated with a lower death risk even after controlling for Body Mass Index (BMI) change.

Participants, who were an average 44 years old, were part of the long-term, large-scale Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study. They underwent at least two comprehensive medical exams. Researchers used maximal treadmill tests to estimate physical fitness (maximal METs), and height and weight measurements to calculate BMI.

They recorded changes in BMI and physical fitness over six years. After more than 11 years of follow-up, researchers determined the relative risks of dying among men who lost, maintained or gained fitness over six years.

What the Study revealed:

The study found that, Every unit of increased fitness (measured as MET, metabolic equivalent of task) over six years was associated with a 19 per cent lower risk of heart disease and stroke-related deaths and a 15 per cent lower risk of death from any cause (Editor’s Desk: Increased fitness means increased awareness and decreased response time in any life threatening situation. Increased fitness also means Fast recovery from injuries and better rejuvenation of the body).

Becoming less fit was linked to higher death risk, regardless of BMI changes (Editor’s Desk: Weight loss should not be a priority all the time, as it focuses simply on lowering the BMI).

According to Duck-chul Lee, the study’s lead researcher: The finding of the study is a good news for people who are physically active but can’t seem to lose weight. You can worry less about your weight as long as you continue to maintain or increase your fitness levels [Editor’s Desk: That’s why it’s alright to have a body weight slightly higher than the ideal body weight, if the person has agility, stamina and a disease free body. ]

According to the researchers, results of the study underscore the importance of physical inactivity as a risk factor for death from heart disease and stroke. Researchers also found NO association between changes in body fat percentage or body weight and death risk.


Even if you are trying to lose weight OR the world and even your doctor says you need to lose weight; don’t focus on weight itself. Try to focus on health. Adopt a Lifestyle (you can consult your doctor to help one frame for you) which takes you towards a healthy Life. Start with, walking one round of your park, block every day (no matter if it appears too small an effort to you). Feel the positivity you get by this walk [Editor’s Desk: Any activity, no matter small releases feel good chemicals in the body, so you are bound to feel good]. Gradually increase the number of rounds.

Wake up early.

Take stairs instead of elevator at office and home; if your feet just give up, sit down on he step you have reached, catch your breath, congratulate yourself for your effort, and resume your ascent, once your body says it can.

Sleep early and sleep adequately [Editor’s Desk: 6-8 hours of sleep a day is required for a healthy body]

Do everything which takes you on to the path of Health. And do at your pace, don’t stress your body. Remember, a single step at a time, is the way you climb any ladder in life. Then why Health be an exception.