For weight Loss Have a Breakfast fit for a King

“For a weight Loss or to remain slim, Have a Breakfast fit for a King”.

It’s often said that, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A sumptuous breakfast, followed by a lighter lunch and even lighter Dinner is the key to good health, agile body , sharp mind and slim body. This has become a common advice of dieticians and doctors.

Those who are not aware of this wisdom, don’t need to look towards a dietician or a doctor, just looking back at our collective wisdom as a society or culture can tell you just this.

In many cultures, there’s a proverb which pointedly addresses the problem of faulty eating. The proverb says:

Have Breakfast like a King,
Lunch Like a commoner,
And Dinner Like a Pauper.

[Commoner means common man or average human being; Pauper means a Poor]

means “The three meals of a day should be like: Ample to Eat at Breakfast, Average to eat at Lunch, and Meagre to eat at Dinner”.

Just couple this age old wisdom with your lifestyle (if you do manual labour you can eat more calories every day, if you have a sitting job, then less) and exercise; and you set yourself on a healthy path.