Dropbox Offers upto 16 GB of Free Online Storage

Dropbox Offers upto 16 GB of Free Online Storage

Free online Storage is getting popular with each passing day. Free Online Storage is also called Free Cloud Storage.Cloud Storage is the storage space you get on remote servers, which you can have access to via internet connection. By offering you additional online storage, Cloud storage not only extends your PC storage,; it also helps you a lot if you are an online marketer, blogger or website owner. Here, you can drop your online promotional stuff like eBooks by simply dragging n dropping the eBook from your PC drive to the Cloud Storage Folder created on your PC. In short, Free Online Storage gives you great leeway in your online business; and is more than just additional Free Online Storage.

free online storageDropbox —  Free Online Storage:

All you have to do is open a Dropbox account. It will direct you to download Dropbox to your PC. Install the Dropbox on Your PC. In the installation Process, Dropbox will create a folder on Your PC. It will be shown both at the desktop and the task bar at the right bottom.

Now all you have to do is: With internet connected, Simply drag and drop any file on this Dropbox folder ( over Dropbox icon) and you are ready to share stuff online.


Dropbox Free Online Storage is Safe Online Storage:

There are many providers of Fee online Storage. But what differentiates them is the level of security. Dropbox Free Online Storage is safe, and you can intall it on your PC without second thoughts.