From Ouch to Oops Book Review: Absolutely Inspirational!

Book Review: An Inspirational Book for people of Every Age.

ramg vallath

Ram G Vallath

RamG Vallath or Ramgopal Vallath is an extraordinary man. Honestly I’d not heard much of him before our Editor referred the book “From Ouch to Oops, Just Don’t Give Up(at Flipkart Here)”. I’m happy I got to read the book.Now, the review. Although I have already given the verdict.

What can a Doctor say to a man who overcame an extremely crippling autoimmune disorder called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) ? He himself can be student of such a guy. A student of Life.

In spite of the best of treatment, it requires enormous will power, courage, self belief and hard work to conquer such difficult situations. RamG had one more quality: An incredibly whacky sense of humour. I believe it is this last quality that took him across the winning line in the end.

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From Ouch to Oops is the story of a genius from Kerala who went to IIT and lost track in his brand of spirituality only to recover in time to find his mojo (a charm or a spell) in management.

RamG is honest in his narrative and often brutally so in describing his own follies. He is equally candid about his positive qualities and strengths, mainly his never-give-up-come-what-may attitude.

In 20 short and very precise chapters he touches upon every aspect of his life hitherto, from childhood in Kerala to IIT Madras to management studies to managing people to managing an illness and coming up winner from every setback. His advice to face the problems head on is inspiring as well as encouraging.

He also remembers with utmost gratitude, all those people who have made a difference in his life. He doesn’t harbour rancour about those who have hurt him. An amazing quality I must add. His inter-state love story is honestly more interesting than Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States.

In a roller coaster career spanning over 2 decades, RamG has gone through IIT, management college, worked with different companies like Titan, Airtel, HP and Dell before recovering from a life and career threatening illness and then turned a writer of a humorous science fantasy novel called “Oops The Mighty Gurgle“.

An absolutely inspirational piece of writing recommended for all class of people and not only kids. I would rate this as a must read for everyone.

One more very important aspect is, I hope this book helps in removing the myths and antagonistic propaganda against Stem Cell research and treatment. Kerala especially has a lot of this happening thanks to ill-informed people slamming the whole stem cell research as evil.

[The Reviewer is a Practising Doctor]