The Choice is NOT Between Fruit Juice and Carbonated Drink | Wrong Comparisons

What is Better — Fruit Juice or Carbonated Drink (Soft drink or Cold drink)? The Answer is obvious. But we should NOT be comparing the two!

The other day, the Health page of a Hindi Daily featured an article, with title: What is Better — Fruit Juice or Carbonated Drink (Soft drink or Cold drink)?

Although three columns were devoted to the Answer, it was obvious. The better among the two is indeed the Fruit Juice.

Now, although the answer given by the article was correct, the article itself was wrong, because for any health conscious person the choice must never be between a fruit juice and a carbonated drink. The reason is simple: A fruit juice has health benefits, while a carbonated drink has none. Hence the two cannot be compared.

Thus the basic premise of the article in itself was misplaced.

The question which must be answered is: What is Better — Fruit Juice or Real fruit (the way it grows on trees or shrubs or vines)?


The two are quite comparable and the answer is: The Real Fruit (the way it grows on trees, or shrubs or vines). Have a look at the picture of a packet of Oranges with “NOT THE BEST, BUT STILL GOOD”.

The Choice is NOT Between Fruit Juice and Carbonated Drink!

Image Source: Stephanie Mckellop Twitter Share

The Twitter user shared it in other context, but it summarizes our article perfectly.

The picture clears any doubts whatsoever. When given a choice between Fresh Fruit and one packaged in a tray for better shelf life (As packaged in a plastic wrapped tray in the picture above), you must always go for the Fresh Fruit!

To conclude, A fresh Fruit is better than a packaged one.

A packaged fruit (as in the picture above) is better than the fruit juice.

A Carbonated drink is not a Health Choice, although you can drink it occasionally, when you like to celebrate!… And you must be fine with it.

[PS: Fruit Juices are not a good choice. Hence they must always be replaced by a habit of eating a fruit in its entirety (along with its skin, pulp and roughage). You will have to chew a fruit, but it’s always better than gulping down a glass or a half of fruit juice.The fruit juices put high quantities of sugars in our bodies than what our bodies require.]

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