When a Funny RJ becomes war monger… & starts sermonizing!

Some people on WhatsApp are sharing a very problematic audio clip. It’s problematic as it’s pushing listeners to become war mongers.

The clip is the creation, RJ Naved, known for such clips (yes, it’s meant to be funny as well). You can skip reading about the clip, if you have already listened it:

In the clip, RJ Naved’s colleague, makes a call to some unsuspecting parent; and tells him that she’s speaking from his child’s school. She informs the father of the School’s new policy in which the parent will be informed about the child’s academic performance while the child takes the exam. She requests the man to allow her include him in mobile conferencing so that he can hear what the teacher has to say about the child’s performance while he’s writing the paper in the examination room. With the three in conference (child is obviously not there, the two are in the radio studio), RJ Naved (enacting the role of the school teacher) starts asking the lady: What do you think, will he be able to solve the problem?… To this she says: … No he can never solve it. RJ Naved agrees to her estimation. Listening this conversation, makes the unsuspecting parent uneasy (and worried as well). He interjects and sternly tells the two to shut up, keep their assessment to themselves, and allow the child to first solve the problem. According to him, such a behavior will discourage and demoralize the child. At this point, the RJ comes open, and tells the concerned parent that this is exactly what our soldiers feel, when people like him(the parent) keep saying on their Facebook walls, Drawing room debates etc. that if India goes to war with China, then India won’t win!

After that the the clip keeps sermonizing the listeners as to why we must not way India won’t win, or will have difficulty in winning a war with China. Why, simply because it negatively affects the morale of Indian soldiers.

As expected the clip has all the trappings of an overtly patriotic appeal. No surprise. It’s doing what it’s intended for. It’s made to make us into war mongers and; it’s already doing so.

Else, what’s the logic behind comparing the morale of a Child and that of a soldier. Encouraging a child to perform well is always good. This can’t be said for a war between countries.

So what we must do now: Start supporting war?… and pumping up our soldiers to think about war all the time?

This is not about predicting who will win, and who will not. This is about being responsible.

Before talking about soldier’s morale, lets ask ourselves a  few questions:

Why do we have truck loads of Defense and Diplomacy experts on every issue Pakistan; and a very few on even specific issues on China?

Why all these experts are shouting over the roof on TV News debates concerning Pakistan? …

Why the debates about China are very polite (relatively) and much less noisy?

Why Indian NSA and Foreign Ministry are in continuous talks with China, ever since Dokhlam issue has arose? 

To conclude, those who want sermon all of us on Soldier’s morale must answer the above questions first. Actually, as a country(the Government) we have full assessment as to where we stand relative to Pakistan and relative to China. This explains why we’re very careful about our action towards China. The Government of the past and the present is also aware that since Independence India has fought a full fledged war with any country. What we citizens see as wars are minor skirmishes or infringements. A modern day war is one which we see in many parts of the world. One which extends to not only a couple of years but sometimes to more than a decade.

Don’t worry, the Government of India, irrespective of how you think of it as, is also not that eager to wage a war against China. The situation will be managed through high level talks itself.