Games Companies (Countries) Play!

Team Ferrari, presently in India, for the upcoming Airtel Indian F1 Grand Prix has raised a controversy.

For many, the controversy is more than the Sports F1.

On Friday, the media spotted the Italian Navy Flag on the hoot of the Ferrari F1 car.

This soon assumed the shape of a serious National debate.

Why the Controversy?

Notably, some months ago, two Italian Navy Sailors were charged with killing two Fishermen in Kerala. The accused, although released on bail and sent back to Italy;  a case is currently going on in an Indian court.

Team Ferrari, officially supports these two Soldiers.

Imagine what it means if the same Ferrari takes a podium position on the upcoming F1 Grand Prix on Buddh international circuit?

The realization of this has rattled many Indians.

Interesting are the Games Companies (and Countries) Play!