Gene may be putting you at Higher Risk for Obesity

If you tend to gain more body weight, by eating same high-fat diets, which your friend eats; then looking back at your parents may give you clue!

A study published in the journal Nature suggests that a genetic mutation could put certain people at higher risk for becoming obese if they eat high-fat diets. In the study, researchers looked at the component of the body’s internal communication system that plays a role in the regulation of appetite and the production of fat cells.

What the researchers found:

The scientists found that mice that didn’t have the component were 10 percent fatter than other mice when all were fed the same high-fat diet. This fatter group also developed higher intolerance to glucose.

In addition, the study found that Europeans with the genetic mutation, known as GPR120, were more likely to be obese. More than 3 percent of Europeans have the trait.

First Time in History of obesity research:

The study co-author Gozoh Tsujimoto said that the study for the first time demonstrated the gene responsible for diet-induced obesity. The researchers are planning to look for the prevalence of same genetic mutation in Japanese, Korean and Chinese people.

Concluding the write-up in good note, the head researcher, Tsujimoto added that medications could potentially be developed that would reverse the effects of the genetic trait.


On much brighter side: Eating balanced diet and exercising is always a better option to Medication. So go for these two from Today.