Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan once received Weight jibes : tells new Book

A tell all memoir by a girl only 22, seems surprising. But Holly Hagan claims she has actually does so…

holly hagan bookGeordies Shore’s lass, Holly Hogan’s new book is out. According to Hagan, her new book titled Not Quite a Geordie , is a tell all book, which Holly claims contains even those things, which even her mom didn’t know. She got to know about them only after reading the book.

A big statement by the MTV reality star who’s only 22. A big surprise as well, as Hogan is claiming to have spilled her heart in the tell-all memoir, when people of her are quite uncertain about what to wear and what not.

Holly Hagan who says she still lives in her childhood Thornaby home, declares her book nothing bu the truth. Adhering to truth made her write about things, she’s most uncomfortable about. And she says, the truth can never be wrong.

Among the revelations in the book is that Holly slashed her own leg with a razor after cruel jibes about her weight. The incident happened during schooldays, when she used to be plump. She wished she could be “thinner and prettier” after taunts from bullies about her weight starting at just 10 years old. Hitting a low at one such taunts, she locked herself in the bathroom and her reflections about her weight and World taunts snowballed. Before she could get sense of it, she had slashed her leg.

Holly Hagan’s slashing her leg saddened by people’s taunts seems believable. Most people are usually that way. When humans are young they don’t know what effect such jibes has on the person, who is at the receiving end. When they become adults, they devise ways to become indirect. The jibes continue. That’s why family and right counselling plays an important role in tackling low points, including weight issues.