George Michael Loses 15 lbs since Quitting Marijuana

One often hears how celebrities lose weight voluntarily. For an upcoming movie, for their wedding etc.

But sometimes, quite rare though, they lose weight as a side effect of something.

Take for instance, George Michael, the English Pop singer, who says, since quitting Marijuana, he has lost, well — 15lbs. The 47-year-old singer insists he has been clean since completing four weeks of an eight-week prison term for driving under the influence of drugs last September and has been delighted by some of the unexpected side effects of quitting his cannabis high, which is known for triggering a sudden desire for food in users.

The pop singer also says that, overcoming his addiction has given him new confidence; and he now wants to try all those things which he didn’t like trying previously. Regarding, his celebrity weight loss, the singer is not very sure whether he will not put on the weight again.

Now losing weight is good, and more importantly, the “return of confidence” happens every time a person overcomes his/her addiction (a bad lifestyle is also an addiction!); but more important is to acknowledge that getting rid of an addiction ushers a new era in one’s life. And thank and congratulate George for sharing that with you.

So if you are trying to lose weight. Try to usher in a new beginning in your life by making small but determined efforts. No need to be desperate. If you think all you can do is wake a bit early in the morning and go for a walk then just do that for next three months. No need to do anything else. Just go for that walk. Don’t mix other things to it, just morning walks for the next three months. make the first determined step; and you’ll be making next steps involuntarily.