German press irked by the Government officer

Haha this is funny; and interesting too.

The German Press is irked by the fact that the German government’s official spokesperson is using Twitter to disseminate information directly to its citizens; and ignoring them (the conservative German media). The said official who tweeted an announcement — that Chancellor Angela Merkel was visiting the U.S. — via Twitter ; is all focussed to defend his decision. The crux of which is: he is delivering news straight to the people, any time he feels like it.

I add to the above : he is also making zero any chances of any ‘over the top’ value additions by the conventional media. He is ensuring that, no matter how many ‘value additions’, the conventional media does to the news later; the primary news reach the citizens untouched.

This is a perfect example of the world wisdom which says that “When it comes to the desire to dominate; then everyone tries to find someone weaker than self”.

Although the conventional media in any country, irrespective of whether the German media is conservative or not; is conveniently using internet to pick news, and interesting content; it’s rattled when some service out-flanks it or challenges its monopoly. And the fact that governments in any country still depend a lot on the conventional media for their sustenance; the latter doesn’t spare any opportunity to pressurize the former either publicly or privately.

This is not a very good sign as far as the citizens are concerned. who should have the right to be addressed directly rather than being fed with altered news. Conventional media in its part should uphold the tenets of transparency, equality and liberty; which it preaches on a daily basis.