Get Ready to Witness ‘Yeast Addiction’

A fortnight ago or more, Devinder Sharma, an agricultural scientist, was explaining Genetically modified crops this way : It’s risky as to create Genetically Modified crops , scientists replace the DNA of one organism with that of another. For instance the DNA of maize in a maize seed with that of rice. That’s in simple, in GM one DNA can be replaced by another. That’s horse’s DNA is put in donkey’s , mouse’s dna in rice etc.

Although he was not very wrong with the concert, he was oversimplifying. Obviously he was proving his point , listening to which another scientist in the TV panel debate was amused.

That said, the Researchers at Stanford University have tweaked or hacked yeast genetic material to make them mimic poppy (in Hindi Afeem) , so that someday this genetically modified yeast can replace poppy-based painkillers in the market.

The researchers are hopeful that when such yeast will be available for painkillers and other medical purposes then the world will not need to cultivate poppy, which is being cultivated for centuries to provide opium, the compound from which morphine and other important medicines such as oxycodone are derived. The bioengineers will hack the DNA of yeast and reprogramme these simple cells to make opioid-based medicines via a sophisticated extension of the basic brewing process that makes beer, which they have already managed to accomplish in their research lab.

On second thoughts, when Yeast is made to mimic poppy’s opium like qualities, World will see “Yeast Addiction”.