Getting Likes on Facebook is playing to Your Strengths

Facebook_like_thumbMicrosoft has launched a new TV Ad titled the Likes War. The ad is meant to spread the word about the ease with with Facebook updates, activity and Likes can be made and monitored on a Windows Phone Operating System. But the ad also informs about another thing : Getting Likes on Facebook is playing to Your Strengths.

For instance in the ad, shared below, the Girl makes an update which doesn’t show her desperate. But at the same time informs the world that she has nothing to kill time. The boy in comparison shows off and sounds desperate. But to end the war of more Likes, the boy hands over the win to the Girl. No this generosity doesn’t come out of air. When the tie is announced, the Girl makes a sad face , which instantly hits the boy, and he votes his own Liek to the Girl’s update. The girl quickly gets back to her sweet self. And how the Girl thanks the boy? By addressing him Bauji (or Father) 🙂

Any Facebook marketing lessons Learnt? Check out the video below :