Giriraj Singh gives Bakhtiyarpur to Mughals… Beware of False-Postive Risk!

Yesterday Shri Giriraj Singh tagged Bkahtiyarpur as Mughal. Beware of the False-positive (Something which is not what we want or believe it to be) risk.

… Otherwise, We in India might end up burning every history book, destroying every monument and alienating everything we call culture. Including that which such extremely myopic people call their own.

BJP MP from Nawada Bihar, Mr. Giriraj Singh yesterday made a suggestion that — The names of all the cities linked to Mughals in Bihar must be changed.

One name shri Giriraj Singh pointedly mentioned is Bakhtiyarpur.

In all likelihood, the MP from Nawada, had made the suggestion “For political effect ONLY”.

bjp mp giriraj singh, bakhtiyar khalji, bakhtiyarpur history, nawada bihar mp, rename cities with Mughal namesBecause the city he mentioned — “Bakhtiyarpur” — is not linked to Mughals at all. It is linked with the Khalji Dynasty and was named after Bakhtiyar Khalji, who had already died by early 1200 AD.

That said, individuals like Mr. Giriraj Singh are doing two things here, that too knowingly:

First, they are dividing people over non-issues. Mughals ruled Indian subcontinent for nearly 350 years or 3.5 centuries, so they are bound to create a culture. Without exception, this culture would be mixed, because they might have learned and adopted as much as they might have given it. That apart, 350 years is a big period for any dynast. Bahadur Shah Zafar of 1857 would have been very different, culturally, from Babar of 1530. In the same way Bakhtiyar Khalji of 1100s would have been a different “Indian subcontinent” type than any common man of 1500s. In simple, cultures and every thing related to it — languages, architecture, food are not stagnant. So saying — Remove all mention of Mughals from Indian culture is plain foolish; and selfish. And Kahljis, even more. Saying so will be similar to South Africans calling people of Indian origin living there from 1800s as aliens.

Second, people like Giriraj Singh are misinforming Children. He very well knows that history is not a vehicle for politics, particularly when the question is — How children must be taught history as a subject? In short, children are too precious to be exposed to such propaganda in the name of history. History as an academic discipline might seem boring to some, but it develops human brain as well. For instance, if history writing in India and elsewhere was biased (unfair) towards Indians, then why did the history writers told the World the number ‘0’ was given by India; OR number system was developed by Arabs; OR geometry by someone else. The writers could easily have appropriated achievements based on their place of origin.

To conclude, the much admired PM of India,  Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, was born in Mughal Sarai, Uttar Pradesh. Will it be correct to say that during his life time he was unhappy with the fact that he was born in a city, linked in history to Mughals? … The answer is obvious. NO.

To conclude, it is better to separate ourselves from such unreal and cleverly created narratives. The primary purpose of such narratives seems to be purely political. If we succumb to it, we will end up destroying everything.