Glitter and Gloss Book Review : For girls in their Cinderella Phase

Given a choice, if I had to choose a book for myself to read, then Vibha Batra’s Glitter and Gloss, would be the last book I would have chosen. Simply because although I’ve heard much about this genre (I assume it’s young-adult fiction), I have never read such a book. But somehow I got to read it, as I was not paying for it.

gagThat said, Glitter and Gloss, is about  a 25 years old woman, Misha Chaturvedi, who’s a make-up artist. She works at M.A.C Cosmetics (I think it exists in real) store and does occasional gigs at fashion shows, and other events. But the one thing she’s really fond of is bridal-makeup(does it mean she’s looking for prolonged commitment, if not Life-Long?).

During this phase of life, she’s trying to get over recent heart-break. Although such heart breaks are not new to her, but as they say, ‘moving on’ in such situations is always difficult.

From here the story moves on to the realm of finding new love, infatuation, romance and finally life long love & commitment.

To gloss up the narration and to balance it, the reader sees Misha’s World created by loyal (but blunt) friends, work space politics, male roomie, liberal indulgences, societal pressure of probing type, cosmopolitan living etc.

Book Review

The book is surely intelligent, and offers the reader many instances to giggle at. Being a guy, it was difficult for me to believe the fact that girls also swoon at good-looking guys. But if love between a guy and a gal is an equitable emotion, then it can be understood. But do girls cope up with heart-break better than guys? The book portrays it brilliantly. Girls move on by speaking their hearts out.

At some points, the book becomes somewhat unreal. For instance, a person managing multi-million business, is not able to arrange a couple of Lakhs. Let’s discount such filmy digresses, as they make the book interesting. At one point, you’ll also read about recession in US, particularly in its automobile industry. We can discount that as well.

Sometimes the author becomes repetitive especially when the narrations are of intimate nature.

Overall, the book is quite interesting and engaging. It’s adequately paced up, and a fast reader will complete it in a day. If you’re a young woman, into a habit of reading books during your commute to office and back home, then there’s no reason you’ll not like it. You will simply love it.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars