“Hand of God” or “Prophetic will” behind Putin, Trump

It is amazing to see hundreds if not thousands of videos online, probably shared by Trump sympathizers and supporters (some have even written books), about the  “Hand of God” or “Prophetic will” behind the advent of the present US President Mr. Donald Trump.

The prophecies about Trump shared by these videos span from as late as 2013, to as early as thousands of years ago.

It is equally surprising to see similar “Prophetic will” videos about the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

trump surge, hand of god, putin advent, putin prophetic will,It depends on an individual as to how he/she perceives such videos. Some can see these men as God send. Some others will see them as no more than human beings. For the latter, there can be nothing divine in their election to the top post. These leaders put time and effort for getting elected as a President; and their effort simply paid off.

To conclude, it seems that as human beings, we ascribe higher motives to events, the moment we find it difficult to see the obvious and clear reasons behind those events — It is our brain’s way of making some sense of them. Or it is our brain’s way of ignoring the obvious (which we see clearly).