God punishes Greece the very Next FIFA WC Match!

As humans we respond to events with different degrees of sensitivity. On some days we are hardened nuts, on others we are soft as butter. But whenever we are at our sensitive best, we ascribe punishment for some wrong, as the judgement of the Supreme being, God or whatever one wants to see him/her as. If we normally don’t subscribe such events to God, then we can never be soft.

In their last FIFA World Cup 2014 League match, Greece defeated Ivory Coast. The winning goal came from a penalty, which I believed came from deception. The Greece striker when inside the Ivory Coast Penalty area consciously stepped on his own foot and tried to put the blame on the Ivory Coast defender. The referee, took the act as a push from the defender and awarded Greece the Penalty. Greece scored the penalty and won the match.

Couple of hours ago, the round of 16 tie between Greece and Costa Rica reached the Penalty shootouts and when the score was 4-4, Greece missed its 5th one, while Costa Rica scored. Taking Costa Rica to FIFA WC quarter finals, while the Greece goes packing. Sometimes God’s punishment is Instant!