GOI Anti-tobacco advertisements & marketers exploiting Fear Psychosis

Every time I see the very graphic TV Advertisements of the Union Government about the mortal effects of Tobacco, I see a visibly double standards.

On one hand, the Government shows these very disturbing graphic anti-tobacco advertisements multiple times a day, at inappropriate times (during breakfast, lunch, dinner); and on the other hand, the same Government allows tobacco companies to run their advertisements promote the same tobacco products.

This is not good.

That’s why, in my opinion, showing these very disturbing graphic anti-tobacco advertisements, is not a great idea. Unless the Government bans the TV advertisements of tobacco products, such advertisements will mean nothing but fear psychosis among people.

A fear psychosis which can and is easily being exploited by other marketers.

Take for instance Baba Ram Dev and Hema Malini.

The way the two, easily mention ‘cancer’ in their product advertisements is nothing but exploiting people’s fear for this word, ‘the cancer’.

Telling the people, that all the edible oils and water purifier products from rivals can result in cancer, might be a clever marketing tactic; but it’s surely not good for the people. Why, as being reminded about such diseases multiple times a day is not good for people.

To conclude, such visibly double standards are least expected from Governments. In cases where it chooses to have some; then it should at least not allow marketers to exploit such fear.

PS: It should be noted that there are various causes of Cancer. Consuming Tobacco is one of them. That’s even a person who never consumed tobacco in his/her life can have cancer. But that doesn’t mean a marketer gets the license to link every thing to the disease.