Good Artists have Their Signature Styles | Success Tips

Developing one’s signature style is particularly important in creative pursuits such as painting, crafts, music or any other fine art. If you look at the works of masters, you will find that irrespective of whether we like or understand their work , they are almost original. That is, they have they own style or signature style.

When Aamir’s Khan produced Peepli live was released, the song Desh Mera Rangrez Re Babu (means, O Sir my country is Dyer) , was quite a hit with various FM radios. When I heard the song the first time, it appeared to me that the chords in the music and the very music is quite similar to Indian Rock band, Indian Ocean. I had heard Indian Ocean before. Later on, when I checked the credits online, the song was indeed by Indian Ocean. And they have maintained their signature style even after three decades. Once, a critic asked Rahul Ram, the Cornell University PhD and the band’s lead vocal and guitarist, as to why he doesn’t sing more melodiously. To this Rahul replied : Artists sometimes take decades to evolve their signature style, why he set aside his style, when he cracked it the moment he started singing.

What Rahul Ram shared is not a novelty. Good and great artists do have their signature styles. You pick any one from Picasso, Fida Hussain to Shubha mudgal.

Every Artist thus must try to discover his/her signature style. It’s the signature style which sets one apart from the herd.