Good for Blogging: Depth or Width?

For any person who wants to make a living out of blogging, the question—“What is Good for blogging — Depth or Width?” is of big importance. The question: What is Good for Blogging? is important as there are different challenges and demands of the two styles of Blogging.

Successfully surmounting the challenges and fulfilling the demands of what is good for blogging will bring in that steady income flow, which can make the blogging equivalent to a day job.

But before giving weightage to the two or to the right mix, lets first share a little bit about what Depth and Width in blogging actually means.

Depth in blogging comes with that blog content, which only an expert or a person who researches any subject before creating it, can make. Thus deep content means a content which provides VALUE to the blog reader. A reader is pulled to deep content by the lure of getting a discreet content, which the writer has already researched.

Width in blogging comes when the blog content touches a wide range of categories or topics.

Demands of a Deep content:

–Bringing in depth to a blog, means devoting more time to research any topic before writing it. Thus Depth is time intensive.

— Depth demands an expert status in that particular field. A status which can be achieved either by many years of formal study, or by way of reading and reading and reading. But whatever is the way, expertise is a time intensive process too.

Challenges a blogger faces when he/she chooses to go for depth:

As depth in blogging demands more time and effort, for a single blogger, it’s hard to provide quantity with steady quality.

Challenges a blogger faces when he brings in width to a blog:

–As width demands touching a wide range of topics; it’s hard to maintain quality. In addition, in blogging about wide range of topics, the blogger has to put more time in searching/curating good content.

What is the Solution:

Experts usually recommend Depth blogging, that’s writing authoritatively about a particular niche, the smaller the better (like migrane cure etc.). The key to depth blogging is to choose a small niche (category) which one is expert at or is willing to study and research about.

Width blogging is less favored as it requires the blogger to churn out more content and sometimes in a timely manner. That apart, width blogging is hard for a single author blog, as a single person can’t curate and write multiple posts a day. In addition, when a blogger writes about any topic under the Sun, hes/he doesn’t make credibility in the eyes of the reader and advertisers.