Good Skin Care means having Good Sleep: Research

Include Good Sleep at night in your Good Skin Care Regimen, say Recent Researches.


Why was Sleeping Beauty of Fairy Tales so enchantingly beautiful? Because she sleeps. Yes, for her good skin care meant sleeping her heart out.

Why do we look so rubbish when we don’t get enough sleep? Because we don’t get adequate sleep.


On a saner note, a new scientific research says that inadequate sleep shows on our Face. That’s when we start having sleep deprivation (having sleep less than adequate) it starts showing on our face. That’s its glow, skin quality (uniform complexion with no freckles) and health. In common parlance, the Face starts looking jaded or rubbish.

Good Skin Care means having Good Sleep, as the Skin repairs itself at night when we sleep:


Researchers have identified how and when catabolysis – the natural purification process through cells in your body – takes place. And they have found that this repair process takes place when we sleep at night.

Include Good Sleep at night in your Good Skin Care Regimen, say Recent Researches.A Good Sleep is Linked not only to Good Skin Care, but also for overall fitness:


A good Sleep (A good night sleep) is not just linked to good skin care. A good sleep at night is actually linked to the overall fitness and health of the body & mind. The way Skin repairs itself during night, the other body parts also repair themselves during that time. Prolonged sleep deprivation means a negative effect on the overall health (physical and mental health). The less than perfect skin quality of face is simply one of the symptoms of the decline in the overall health.

Hence, you must adhere to the regimen of a good Sleep (adequate sleep or 7 or more hours of sleep at night) as a regimen not only for good skin care, but also for the much bigger goal — the overall health. If overall health is cared for, the skin itself will become healthy.

The sleep deprivation during young age, starts showing, especially as you get older. The usual signs are rough, uneven complexioned skin, blemishes, freckles etc. Hence as a good skin care tip, start getting adequate good (sound) night sleep.

What is Sound Sleep for Good Skin Care:


The first few hours of sleep – when you are in deep-sleep mode – is the time when catabolysis is most active. Which explains why, when you’re young, you can still look good on just a couple of hours in bed: catabolysis has taken place, your cells have renewed and your complexion is revived. You might still feel tired, but that doesn’t show on skin, since you do manage to get in deep sleep mode. But as you age, the process of catabolysis naturally slows down, so your cells are not renewing themselves as effectively. A good way to make for this, is to either increase the number of hours of sleep and by adopting some bed time regimen, like going to bed early, reading a book juts before going to bed, not watching TV at least one hour before going to bed etc. For Good Skin, one can also use skin care formulas. These skin care formulas speed up the catabolysis process and hlep your skin replenish itself even during less than sound sleep.

What is Poor Sleep:


Poor Sleep means habitually five hours or less sleep a night.

Good Sleep in contrast means seven or more hours every night.

From the Skin perspective, those who have good night sleep retain the skin moisture level better and are better able to recover from exposure to the sun.

Researches  also reveal that the good sleepers have a better perception of how they looked. they feel beautiful and thus are more satisfied with their looks and rated themselves as younger and healthier than their sleep-starved counterparts.

How To get Good Sleep at night for Good Skin Care, and for overall Good Health:


  1. Go to Bed Early
  2. Wake up Early
  3. Don’t watch TV or use computer at least 2 Hours before going to bed.
  4. Don’t keep your mobile phone, tablets, TV in the room you sleep.
  5. Taking a lukewarm shower before going to bed helps get sounf sleep.
  6. Read A good book before going to bed. Stop talking to others an hour or two before going to bed.
  7. Washing one’s feet and applying coconut oil on the feet soles before going to bed also helps one get sound sleep.
  8. Ensure that you don’t have any medical condition like Sleep Apnea, preventing you from getting adequate sleep. Consult a physician for that.
  9. Have a light meal at dinner.
  10. Keep your weight at normal level. Obesity and overweight conditions interfere good sleep.
  11. Exercise Regularly
  12. Speak Out: Don’t keep your thoughts, especially those which stress you. inside yourself. Express them.



Good Skin Care means having Good Sleep
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Good Skin Care means having Good Sleep

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