Google Motorola X phone coming This May

The Google Motorola X Phone does exist and will start shipping in July this year, according to reputed sources. The rumors about Google Motorola X Phone are doing rounds for some time now; and the good thing is, the phone does exist and is expected to be unveiled, during Google I/O in May (phone produced by Google and Motorola, hence Google Motorola X Phone. Google bought Motorola last year). The phone will see a launch in July 2013.

Motorola X phone

Motorola X phone

Motorola X phone Specs:

Based on speculations:

1) Edge-to-edge full HD display
2) A rugged or unbreakable casing
3) A long-lasting battery
4) Will be featuring the Sony Exmor RS sensor, that is used in the Sony Xperia Z
5) The device will work with any carrier. This is Google’s way of domination : Sell the phone at a very affordable price (around the same as Nexus series), which won’t be bound to a contract, and then push its Apps (games and other) on it. The phone will be sold at the same price that people are willing to pay for today’s flagships. The only difference being there will be no contract.

In most countries including India, basic phones have become the thing of the past. The basic phones are fast losing their ground to the smartphones. These smartphones are like the mini computers or low cost netbooks (laptops used for web surfing) on which one can play games or do productivity or work related tasks. The gaming and other applications on these smartphones, known as mobile gaming and apps, are a big market and increasing revenue is made from them. Apple knows the power of these apps. Its App store has more than 3 lakh applications now. Google wants to do the same with its Google Motorola X phone. That’s why it will sell the phone cheap, but will make money through the Android Apps, it will push via its app store.