Google’s ‘Great Online Shopping Festival’ for INDIANS is on December 12

In an effort to boost the online shopping in India, all leading eCommerce players & Google India have come together to bring the concept of Cyber Monday to India.
The online shopping Event titled ‘Great Online Shopping Festival’ is on December 12, 2012 at
For 24 Hours, online shoppers will get great discounts (from 12-70 percent discounts) at the above site. The festival will see participation from over 50 partners (more than 500 brands) including leading eCommerce, local & classified, online travel sites and BFSI industry offering their best deals to customers all across India for 24 hours. The festival will offer them an opportunity to shop for Jewelry, Shoes, Apparel, Travel packages, books, kids wear, gadgets, watches, computer accessories, health & fitness equipment, home decor products, great deals on real estate and more. Yes there’ll be Real Estate Deals as well.
In the One Day Long Festival, buyers will also be able to enjoy free shipping across India and learn more about online shopping, various methods of payments and how safe and convenient it is to shop online.I assume that, in the Festival, there’ll not be a need to make online payments. Many Retailers will have Cash on Delivery (When product reaches you, you pay at the time of delivery) option.

Online Shopping in India:
India has more than 137 million or 13.7 crore Internet users.
The online shopping industry in India is estimated to be already over a 1.5 $ billion or 7500 Crore Rs.