How Governments, politicians answer difficult Questions | Gun Control USA

The gun control debate in USA is an excellent example as to how Governments, politicians answer difficult Questions of people.

Every time some shooting incident takes place in some High school or college in USA, a section of Americans pressurize the Government(s) of the respective state and the politicians to implement Gun Control. This pro gun control group sees the easy access of guns (which in some states can be purchased just like grocery from a departmental store) as the primary reason behind such school and public shootings. The recent Florida high school shooting which saw 17 people killed, is being listed among the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history. What was even more disturbing was the fact that the weapon which is said to be used by the suspect (just 19 year old) was an assault weapon.

All this, has once again revived debate over gun control in US. American people are asking their politicians on what side of Gun control debate they stand. Something NOT all Government(s) and politicians can answer clearly. The reason is simple: People who are in favor of gun control are a no match for the gun industry in US.

In such a scenario, we often see Government(s) and politicians in US, avoiding the difficult question(for them) and it is often reported that the Government has told people that there is NO conclusive Study linking such mass shootings or school shootings with easy access to Guns. Sounds surprising? … You are not alone to find it surprising. Any person will be surprised if his/her Government or politician tells him/her that they need a conclusive study to know whether easy access to guns increases the possibility of such mass shootings. But Governments and politicians do have their way of winning every argument or evading any question. Many a times, when the Governments or the politicians choose to remain silent on some difficult issue, they silently plant the same reasonable sounding argument in the form of some pro stories, research findings and reports in the Media. That is why people need to ask their Governments and politicians specific questions, so that they can get specific answers.